Friday, July 24, 2009


Our little guy is growing up so fast. He is now ten months... I cant believe it!! Seems like I just had him. But everyday he is doing something new and making us laugh:) He has got such a personality, and is always smiling. Jordon and I love having Dayton a part of our family. We are so grateful to be his mommy and daddy... We love you Bubbies!!!

Dayton, Breydin, and Easton. Bubbs loves playing with his cousins:)

While I am changing the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer his new thing is to take the wet clothes out of the dryer one by one. hahaha. silly silly little guy.

We left him for two minutes and this is what we came back too lol. He had stood up with the couch and pulled the whole bag of cinnamon bears down. There was cinnamon bears surrounding him and each and every one had been sucked on plus one in each hand and one in his mouth:) And he just giggled and thought he was so funny. Me and Jord couldnt help but laugh. It was so cute!! And you may notice the red all around his mouth... ya well I thought it would wipe right off.......... No! His skin stayed red like that for hours because of the cinnamon. It had burned his little face. I guess he gets his sweet tooth from his mommy and also papa smith:)


Dibb and Britt said...

He's SOOO cute Megan!

Ann said...

he is so so cute! how fun, i want a little boy first!

Jobi Niu said...

Oh my gosh!! I LOVE HIM. He's so fetching cute. THey grow up WAY TOO FAST.

Lacey, Aj Swenson said...

ha ha this made me smile! what a big cutey! I love it!