Thursday, November 6, 2008

*6 wEeKs AnD gEtTiNg So BiG*

Look at that face:( It's so sad!
He totally looks like his daddy...

I cannot believe how fast Dayton is growing!! It's crazy! The time just goes by so quick. He weighs about nine pounds now. Everyday he is growing and doing something new. He is so much more alert of everything, he is so strong i cant even believe it! He will stand on his legs, he'll jerk his whole body back when I'm trying to burp him lol. He totally knows his mommy and daddy, and now if u talk all sweet to him he totally grins so big! It is the cutest thing ever! He is so much fun! We love every second!!!

Dayton loves bath time!

Our little guy totally loves bath time. It is his favorite! He is always such a good boy when we give him a bath. He just lays back and crosses his little feet and just chills. Its so cute. I was suprised cuz I always hear that babies scream when they get a bath. But not Dayton. lol. And he loves the sound of the tub running so whenever he is fussy I just take him in the bathroom and turn on the tub water and he calms right down. It's so funny!

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!

We had a fun halloween. We visited nana and papa hansen and afterwards went to My sister amy's house for dinner and to hang out. My brother in law Tyler made Homeade chicken noodle soup. It was the best chicken noodle soup ever:) good job T!! Everyone was dressed up and looked so cute. Even my cute mom and dad dressed up:) they are so fun!! Me and Jord were "army guys" and Dayton was little tigger. He looked way cute! Thanks Ame and Ty for inviting us to the halloween party. It was Fun!! Love u guys!