Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We had a really fun fourth of July this year but we did miss Nana and Papa Smith during the holiday. We went to Jords parents for a barbecue with everyone and later that night headed to the Stadium of Fire with Jordan and Linds. It was alot of fun. And it was really fun to watch Dayton and Jersey on their first fourth of july. Neither of them were scared of the fireworks. They both just stared at them:) It was cute. Thanks Ame and Ty for the tickets. That was so nice of you. We love you!!! The Hansen Fam. Uh I guess me and Jord got the funny picture
mixed up with the smiling one. haha. oops.
Our Family on the fourth at Nana and Papa Hansens.

We bought Bubbies a glow stick and he loved it! Even to

this day it is probabley his favorite toy... So I guess it

was worth the ten bucks:)

Baby Jersey in her cute fourth of july outfit:) Her and Dayton Loved their

very first fireworks. They both had huge eyes the whole time:)

Daddy and Bubbs at Stadium of Fire...


Jen P said...

Dayton is getting so big he looks just like his daddy !!! Cute picts

Jordan and Lindsay said...

The Stadium of Fire was so fun. Maybe next year you can come to the whole show! You guys look cute in all of those pictures! Love Ya