Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!!!!!

Nana and papa smith gave Dayton a jonny jumper for christmas! He absolutley loves it. I knew he would because he is always trying to stand up and jump and move his legs. He giggles when he is in it. haha. Thanks nana and papa!!
Nana Terry put Dayton in a basket... Everyone was taking pictures. He looked like baby jesus in the manger:)

Christmas day at Nana and papa hansens house! Love you Ree!

Me, Dayton, and my sister in law Sharee. I love her to death! We have so much fun together!
We had a really good christmas! It will definatley be one we will never forget! We loved being around both of our familys, that is always the best part. Thakyou everyone for all of the gifts. We loved everything we got! And so did Dayton:) Love you all!!!

Our traditional christmas eve party!

We had a surprise visitor while we were all eating... SANTA!! and he had his little helper on the left with him. It was too bad Dayton was the only kid there that night. My neices were in Arizona:( They would have been so excited. It was still fun though! Dayton got to get a picture with santa:)

Every year on christmas eve we go to my mom and dad's for a big christmas party... My mom makes a big dinner that is always so so good! She is the best cook ever, really! This year we had my aunt and uncle and cousins from fresno with us too, so it was alot of people which made it even more fun! We played a game , exchanged gifts, and watched the most amazing video about christ and his life. It reminded us all of the true meaning of christmas and what christ did for us. The spirit was so strong while watching it. That video was the best part of christmas for me. It left me in tears the rest the weekend:)
It was a very fun christmas eve! We will be looking forward to next years party!

Friday, December 19, 2008

little cowboys!!

Papa and the baby:) in taylors cowboy classroom!
Taylor and Dayton. She is so cute with him! Taylors kindergarten class. she is the fifth one over from the left on the top row.

Today we went to my neice Taylor's little school to watch her kindergarten class preform their cowboy songs and poems and square dancing. It was cute and way funny to watch all of the little kids dancing all over the place. Afterwards taylor took us into her classroom and showed us all the things she has made for this cowboy theme that they have had over the past month in their kindergarten class. She did a great job:) We love you Taylor thanks for inviting us!!!

He still loves bath time but didn't like how me and daddy wanted to put his robe on and take pictures!

That is his serious face haha his eyes get all big.

We just took our little man to the doctors on monday for his shots:( It made me so sad but he actually was pretty tough. Tougher than mommy would be lol...He weighs twelve whole pounds now and is 22 1/2 inches! We cant believe how fast he is growing and he is so smart and strong. We love watching him change everyday. He has the cutest little personality. Dayton is such a happy baby he is always giggling and always has the biggest grin on his face. We love him so so much:)

LiTtLe SaNtA:

The hat was making him mad:) But we loved it. Isn't he such a cute santa!!

We bought Dayton a little santa suit and took him to the mall to sit on santa's lap. It was so cute and he looked adorable in his little suit. We sat in the line for an hour and a half haha but it was worth it...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Girls night with baby dayton:)

Me and gooey aka hayley:) hadn't hung out in forever!! Finally we got to have a girls night and go to dinner for our friend Capri's birthday... then we went to a movie after! it was way fun even with the baby there:) he got lots of attention and loved it. Girls nights are the best!!! Love you god mama gooey!!!