Monday, January 5, 2009


We got together with jess and derrek and J.d. and jen on new years eve. We all went to dinner then came to our house afterwards to play games and have snacks!! It was tons of fun. We don't get to all get together very much. Even Dyson and Dayton stayed up and had fun... "The guys" ... Jord, Derrek, and J.D.!
Our little guy stayed up with us all night for his first new years eve!! :)

"The girls" Jess, me, and Jen...

Me and Jess being dorks:) love ya jess!

Derrek and Dayton on new years eve!!

Dyson and Dayton(best buds)!!! This is the best picture we could get without them moving:)

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jayni & ben said...

Um... You are sooooooooo skinny. You look so good!!! I have yet to see your baby boy but I still love him :D