Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!!!!!

Nana and papa smith gave Dayton a jonny jumper for christmas! He absolutley loves it. I knew he would because he is always trying to stand up and jump and move his legs. He giggles when he is in it. haha. Thanks nana and papa!!
Nana Terry put Dayton in a basket... Everyone was taking pictures. He looked like baby jesus in the manger:)

Christmas day at Nana and papa hansens house! Love you Ree!

Me, Dayton, and my sister in law Sharee. I love her to death! We have so much fun together!
We had a really good christmas! It will definatley be one we will never forget! We loved being around both of our familys, that is always the best part. Thakyou everyone for all of the gifts. We loved everything we got! And so did Dayton:) Love you all!!!


Lily said...

Do you think the baby Jesus had a binky!?! Dayton is adorable - he takes after his two cute parents:)

Kyle and Shanalee said...

You look so dang good after just having a baby!!

Ann said...

Those pics are so dang cute! You look awesome as usual