Friday, December 19, 2008

little cowboys!!

Papa and the baby:) in taylors cowboy classroom!
Taylor and Dayton. She is so cute with him! Taylors kindergarten class. she is the fifth one over from the left on the top row.

Today we went to my neice Taylor's little school to watch her kindergarten class preform their cowboy songs and poems and square dancing. It was cute and way funny to watch all of the little kids dancing all over the place. Afterwards taylor took us into her classroom and showed us all the things she has made for this cowboy theme that they have had over the past month in their kindergarten class. She did a great job:) We love you Taylor thanks for inviting us!!!


Derrek, Jessica and Dyson said...

Dayton is getting cuter every min!

Meghan said...

I love all the new pictures of Dayton! Especially the ones of him in his robe. He is the cutest ever and I just love him. Let's get together next week and exchange gifts. :) I love you Gus Ballinsky. Ha ha remember that name? I watched Home Alone the other night and it was on there and reminded me how we used to say that.