Saturday, August 29, 2009


Amy and Ty planned for all of us to go to sundance to one of the outdoor plays... I loved that it was outside, Me, Jord, and Tay all cuddled in a blanket:) Taylor was our little buddy that night:) Thanks for always putting things together Ame... It was fun! Love you!!!!!

Me AnD mY nEiCe TaYlOr... Is ShE nOt ThE cUtEst?? So pHoTogEnic!!!

It StArTeD tO gEt CoLd, So Ty GoT uS aLL hOt ChOcoLaTe!


Jobi Niu said...

I can't belive how grown up Taylor is.. CRAZY! What a fun lil family outing.

Brad and Dana Smith said...

What cute pictures! Keep posting.
Love ya

jayni & ben said...

You always look so cute. And I didn't know you had such bug muscles ;)